Friday, 12 September 2014

My Czech Adventure

Hey :)

I spent my holidays this year in the Czech Republic. It's a beautiful, interesting country which I visited on a regular basis when I was a child. This year I re-discivered it. Today I'll write about the things I like the most in the Czech Republic :) 

1. Prague 
It's  wonderful, beautiful city covered by the crowds of tourists. At any point of day and night thousands of people stroll down the Charles Bridge. Their number reduces only when it's raining. Yet having a little bit of patience you can relish amazing views and architectual artistry which cannot be found in any other place. It's a good idea to start the sightseeing on the railway station, where you can easily access the historical part from the modern, usable part. I'm have been a keen tourist for many years now but I haven't seen something like that before. You can feel like you were moved to a fairy tale or easily get back in time to the era of beautifully dressed ladies and elegant gentlemen.

You can take a short walk from the station to the Old Town. It's good to visit the most famous places like the Figural Clock (obligatory when it strikes the full hour) or the Prague Gate

It's a great idea to stroll through the city with no specific destination, only to appreciate the architectural artistry. And there is so much to appreciate and it may even take several hours. 

On the other side of the Charles Bridge you will find Hradczany, which are also worth seeing.

2. Kutna Hora
While in Prague it's worth seeing Kutna Hora. The journey only takes 1 hour and you can visit a wonderful, charming little town.  

The entire town is well-organized. The tourist information at the railway station helps a lot. The town created also a special bus line which connects the Old Town with the station. The distance between these places is less than 4 km. I recommend to walk, because the first monuments are en route. 

Yet I decided to go back by bus. After a day of walking around my legs just couldn't take any more :) 

3. Brno
It takes only 2,5 hours by train to get there fro Prague. It's a charming city in which you can also admire the Czech architectual artistry. 

Attention should be paid to the basements. There are three different routes - I visited the one with the alchemist workshop and wine cellar. I loved the beautiful reconstructions.
There is also the Spilsberk castle. It's located in a beautiful park and it towers above the city. You can visit jail, the permanent exhibition and the temporary exhibition.I decided to see the permanent exhibition. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I wasn't amazed. The part with clothes from previous centuries is interesting. It is often underlined in the exhibition that prisoners from Poland were kept there. This act I, as a patriot, found very nice. Apart from that, the entire thig is not really interesting. The exhibitions are poorly lit, there's the omnipreset stuffy air and the "museum" smell. The content of exhibition is nothing above what you can see in many other museums. 
Another disadvantage of Brno is the lack of tourist information in the direct neighbourhood of the railway station. Yet in spite of these inconviniences, I'm totally enchanted by this city. 

4. Moravsky Kras
While in Brno it's good to make a trip to Blansko (an hour away by train) and from there take a bus to Skalni Mlyn (about 15-20 minutes). There you can see mgnificent caves. The Caterinska cave is about 15 minute walk from the bus stop. The same place is bout 2km from the most famous cave - Punkevni. Silence, peace and the green everywhere - I forgot how I missed it :) In the Punkevni cave you'll have amazing views. Then you'll walk down a very small corridor which ends in the bottom of  the Stepmother's Precipice (the view and impression canot be described in words). Then you'll take a boat to see the rest of the cave.

I'll try to convince everyone to make that trip :)

5. Additional information
The Czech Republic is rther cheap. One-week holidays in a hotel *** with breakfast, everyday lunches in the city, sightseeing, transport and all holiday expanses fit in the amount if 1500 PLN (€360) per person. A beer costs about 5-6 PLN (€1.19- 1.40), a lunch for two costs about 50-60 PLN (€12-14).

Trains should also be mentioed. They are an easy and traveller-friendly mean of transport. You do not have to plan a trip, the trin depart very regularly. I always spontanously left the hotel and I didn't wait longer than half an hour.  The standard is similar to the one in Poland (ehich means not high) but the tickets are cheaper.

Don't hesitate to ask questions :)

And where did You spent your holidays?


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