Tuesday, 20 January 2015

2014 Best Reads

"The Lost Child of Filomena Lee" by Martin Sixsmith
Last year a film under the same title came to cinemas - a story of a woman who gets pregnant young and she is sent to an order as a punishment. She is forced to give up her baby who is adopted by a family from the USA (just after the family pays a nice sum of money to the order). The movie is a touching story of a woman trying to find her child. The book focuses on the character of Filomena's son and describes his struggle with being adopted. Micheal (or Antony, as he was named by Filomena) has a successful carries and is in a hapy relationship. Yet he still has the impression that he is not good enough. Because if he were good, his mother wouldn't have given him up. He does not know that Filomena is looking for him. He also tries to find her. Yet the nuns build the wall of silence. Here the book points out another problem - corruption and callouness of nuns. The book makes an amazing impression and cannot be forgotten. 

"Book thief" by Markus Zusak
Another book on which a film was based. And another that touches something deep inside a human soul. The narrator is Death who describes the life of little Lisel, the title book thief. The background of the story is made of the atrocities of te 2nd World War. I have to admit that I read the book after I watched the film. And I have to say that I do not recall many things about the movie. The book overshadowed it. 

"Thornbirds" by Colleen McCullough
A classic on which I laid my fingers last year. And I regret that it was so late. It is an episodic story about the real life, bitter moments and faint, short moments of happiness. This is a story about hard work and about a house that cannot be left as well as about complicated family relations and dusty stories from the past. 
This is a story of an impossible, wonderful and painful love. Yet having read the book, one can notice that this is only the main story line and the main character is the bitter-sweet life. 

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