Monday, 30 December 2013

A story of a majorly pissed lizard

Hi girls :)

Two days ago I went to see Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and I was struggling to write something about it ever since. There is one problem: it's hard to write anything about this movie, be it a good or bad opinion.

From the very beginning it was surprising for me how on earth can anyone make a film trilogy out of one, short book. Yet people wiser than me decided that it will be a trilogy. The first film was so-so, saved by the rabbits. The rabits were awesome :) Unfortunately they appear in only one scene in the second movie, so there is no chance for them to save anything.

The Elves lost the majority of their charm. Even Orlando Bloom is not quite the same Legolas. The no longer has this freshness and etherealness. The Elvish moves, so hard to picture in LOTR had some part of naturalness. In Hobbit they are a mere trick overloaded with technique.

There is not much good to say about the action. Nothing surprising when a short book is streatched to the size of three full length films. I'm not saying it was terrible. Of course there were funny moments like the scene in which Bombur uses a barrow to become a supercompactor at full speed. I had an impression that some elements are underlined while other, that could give the entire picture some edge, were a little bit neglected.

My first thought after seeing the movie? A story of a majorly pissed lizard. The dragon is ok. Big, strong, breathing fire. But somehow neutral. As if angry, as if dangerous, but somehow not totally.

I've been in love with the works by Tolkien for years now. Ther are marvellous stories to which I returs eagerly. And each time I find something new. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about this film. It's one of those movies that every fantasy lover should watch. But one time is more than enough.

Have you seen the film? How did you like it?



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