Monday, 15 December 2014

5 Reasons why I LOVE Christmas

I love Christmas, obviously :) And these are my reasons for it.


The Magic
Sparkling lights, the big Santa Clause mistery, gifts found underneath the Christmas tree. Christmas is all about magic. And although the magic seems to disappear as get older in order to one day vanish into the thin year, this time of year is the moment when we can experience it once again :)

The Beauty
Everywhere you look, everything is beautiful. Sparkling lights (again :) I just love the light :)), decorations, smiling faces, gifts and gift wrappings.

My Cat
When Christmas comes my Cat is more adorable than usually. Although he is already 8 years old, he just loves Christmas just as much as I do :) He is so excited and enthusiastic. He runs around the house trying to everywhere in one second. He helps me with the decoration of Christmas tree (as I'm dressing one side, he is undressing the other :) ) and he helps in the kitchen (he has to taste everyting - he tries to save us from serving food that is not delicious, so every single thing has to go through his quality control :) ). And of course he helps with the cleaning, leaving his fur in all the already cleaned places. But what he loves the most is the unwrapping of gifts. Than he can play with all the ribbons and wrappings. And after the Christmas dinner we have to carry him upstairs, because he sleeps to tight to do it on his own :)

Being with people
This is the time of year when I can actually take as much time as I want to be with my family. I'm not saying, I dont spend time with them throughout the entire year, I do. But there is always something to do. And during Christmas I don't care about the work or anything else. I just enjoy my real free time.

Making people happy
I love receiving gifts. Well, who doesn't. But what I love even more is giving the gift and looking as the faces light up with joy and seeing people happy

9 days to Christmas and counting :)

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